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Medenec copper wristband
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Doctors of Ancient Egypt fabricate pure copper wristbands especially for nobels, which were worn on the wrist joint. According to Oriental medicine, the movement of all energy in the human body goes through the vessels and channels. The nearest artery to the skin surface is exactly at the site of wearing the wristband. It is in this area there is a natural copper impact on our body.
In addition, copper has unique magnetic properties. When the ends of the wristband are fabricated non-closed, the wristband becomes a natural magnet. Positive/negative charges accumulated at its ends and the resulting static voltage of copper wristband acts positively on the whole organism through biologically active points. 'Medenec' wristband has perfect proportions and shape with open ends.
How to determine your wristband size?
We fabricate high-quality products produced at SARMANOVSKY copper mines, since 1992!

Medenec wristband manufactured since 1992 from perfect brand quality grade M1 Sarmanovo copper, all-Union State Standard (GOST) 49-92. Its chemical composition corresponds to all-Union State Standard 859-2001, which strictly determines the content of pure copper in the final product in an amount of not less than 99.5%.
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The feedback from our customers
I wanted to get real results for the money available. Had a problem with sleep and fatigue from working at the computer. The bracelet was worn as an accessory for about 10 days without removing. Now, after enough work forces on the child and household chores. Thank you.
Ordered three bracelets - myself, husband and son! My husband really liked this bracelet. He put it on and now a week does not remove (under the shirt and the sleeve of the costume is not visible). Strict bracelet and is very suitable for men!
Always had problems due to hypotension. Constant dizziness and a squeak in my ears were natural for me. My sister advised to buy Medenec. And you know, I could not expect that so simple. I wear it for the third month, and I advise this wristband to all those who have similar health problems.
I will be brief. Delivered in one day just for Christmas! Thank you. I wear it without removing. I bought another three for my wife, brother and eldest son. No harm, only benefits. I feel more energetic, fitter and happier. Wish you all the same!
Svetlana Kutuzova
Manager of 32 years
Kostikova, A. M.
Accountant is 43 years old
Elena P., 47,
business operator
Mikhail Korobov, 53, mechanical engineer
Copper from time immemorial
Copper is a unique metal
Copper is a natural magnet
Copper is essential for good health
Copper - the defender of the
human body
Copper - it is beautiful
Copper wristband Medenec   
To make the Medenec Wristband fit perfectly to your hand, you need to properly and accurately choose the size! It is very easy.

• Take a measuring tape or any small string. Perform the measurement at the narrowest point of the wrist, as shown in the figure. Please note that the girth should not be tight and leave the 1-2 mm allowance for a comfortable future wear.

• Select the most suitable size from the table above.
How to wear a copper wristband?

The wristband can be worn both on the right or on the left hand. The choice of hand depends on what bothers you. If for any reason you need to change hands from right to left or vice versa, we suggest doing it more than once in 3-4 weeks

Copper wristband should fit snug over your wrist and needs to be in close contact with skin on the hand.

In any case the ends of the wristband should not collide. The distance between them each person individually and very easily determined is the width of the thumb.
Copper wristband Medenec will help get rid of many ailments. But we must not forget about correct wearing to achieve maximum health benefits. We recommend you to follow them!
An important detail! On the left hand the open end of the wristband should be located on the inner side of the wrist, and on your right side with outer. As shown in the figure.

Wear the wristband for at least 10-12 hours a day, but rather constantly. Only in this case you will feel the most complete health benefits of wearing a Medenec copper wristband.
Which hand is recommended to wear a bracelet?
On the right hand
On the left hand
A copper jewelry gift has a dual purpose - not only medical, but also artistic. 'Medineс' wristband has an attractive appearance. One-of-a-kind metal color reminiscent of the shades of autumn foliage and gives the wristband an inimitable attractiveness. Such a useful gift suitable for both men and women. Restrained style and form to emphasize the sense of style of the of the copper wristband owner.
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In contact with the skin, the copper molecules directly enter the blood vessels. A basic fact - your body will take in this case copper as much as he needs.
If in the body there is a copper deficiency, it slows down the metabolism, worsens the overall performance, concentration and starting with overweight problems.
'Medenec' bracelet promotes rapid and efficient supplementing of the balance of copper in the body, as it comes into contact with the skin in the most active area.
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• insomnia
• depression
• physical and mental tiredness
• low immune function
• cholecystitis
• diabetes mellitus
• tuberculosis
• bronchial allergy
• arthritis
• arthrosis
• hypotension
• transmissible diseases

• elevated blood pressure
• ischemic heart disease
• tachycardia
• hemorrhoids
• arthritis
• arthrosis
wrist circumference 16,5-18sm
wrist circumference 18,5-21sm
wrist circumference 21,5-23sm
Rounded edges
Correct shape
Comfortable the thickness of the bracelet
  In due course time you will notice the oxidation of the copper band on the inside. Don not worry - it is a natural process and says only about the purity of the copper content in the wristband. Please simply clean it with a cleaning agent. From our part we recommend regular toothpaste or a slice of lemon with salt.

Constant wearing may leave some traces of copper oxide on the skin. Simply wash your hands with soap and water and no traces remain.
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      It is no secret that many people use a copper wristband. It was especially popular in Soviet Union, when soviet socialized medicine was particularly developed.

     The denser skin contact with copper the better. The skin has a barrier function - it won't take too much; it will take as much as you need for the human body. Our bodies comply with the main principle of medicine - "do no harm".

     Most often copper is used for problems with blood pressure and headaches. With elevated blood pressure the wristband is usually worn on the left hand, and with hypotension - on the right hand.
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Why choose copper bangle Medenec
The content of copper of 99.96%

We use the highest quality copper to manufacture our bangles. Of 99.96% pure copper!
Correct proportions

Because of this, he will not bring you any discomfort when worn, even during sleep.
Safe form

The shape of the bracelet is very smooth and flexible. Contact with the skin comfortable.
No sharp, rough and concave surfaces!
Will adapt to You

Due to the high content of copper and the correct processing of the bracelet is particularly flexible, able to adapt its shape under bending your hands.
The result immediately

Your health will improve after 24 hours of wearing copper bracelet. You will feel inflow of forces and vivacity! Copper will work towards your wellbeing!
Positive impact
After only an hour of wearing the bracelet you already notice the result of the work of the copper. In the
area of contact with the bracelet, the hand formed a dark patina is a clear indication that copper for you and
it's already working!
Your body begins to take the copper from the bracelet. The longer you wear a Copper bracelet, the less
dark hours, ie your body will take exactly what it needs.
Because of the great popularity of copper wristbands many products have recently appeared on the market, usually Chinese production of copper-bearing alloys. True copper properties in such products are not available - it's just costume jewelry.
A built-in magnet in the wristbands violates natural properties of copper. Moreover, the origin of these magnets is very doubtful and they can harm your health.
Do not buy wristbands produced from medical steel with copper inserts - it is expensive and not effective. The magnetic properties and characteristics of copper are diminished in such wristbands. The wristband must not link up to the wrist! It must be all-copper and loopback.
Original Sarmanovo copper!
If you want to buy a wristband from the REAL Sarmanovo copper, you can order it from us. We are the manufacturers of the products only from this grade of copper and guarantee 99.96% copper content in the wristband!
At the beginning of 2016 we decided to produce a limited batch of Medenec wristbands - only 100 pieces at the price of 990 rubles! It is for you to be able to make a pleasant and useful purchase for yourself and your friends!
When ordering two bracelets to one address within MKAD free shipping. Make a gift to yourself and your family. Also be delivered to any location by Mail Russia cod
Only 100 wristbands on promo!
HARM from wristbands with magnets!
AVOID alloy wristbands!
Shipping is FREE
Very light weight

The weight of the bracelet is only 40 grams, which will provide you with maximum comfort.
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To buy a bracelet
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To buy a bracelet
Medenec for the shares
Modern humans are experiencing a constant shortage of copper in the body because of the deteriorating food and the environment. There is a natural need for its replenishment.
Copper is valued for one unique feature - for getting into our bodies it fairly simple physical contact with the skin. Due to this property, copper wristbands have become very popular. In addition to its beauty, copper wristbands compensates for the deficiency of copper in the body.
Copper was the first metal that was used for healing. In the old days people used copper plates, girded with belts of copper, wore copper earrings, copper wristbands and other jewelry. Well-known fact that the workers of copper mines did not suffer epidemics which destroyed entire cities in ancient times.
In ancient times people wore a variety of jewelry from copper. The most common option was like a copper wristband. Simple and the correct form of wristband suited to men and women. Rich copper color was an indicator of income. Until now the copper is added to gold for more deep and beautiful red hue.